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Welcome To Dynamic Martial Arts

Dynamic Martial Arts is proud to offer the “BEST of the best” martial arts instruction to the Pittsburgh and South Hills. Our primary focus is to provide fun, yet effective classes for all ages, from 3 year olds to “mature” adults. We know that 3 year olds learn differently from older kids, and adults need a different method than children. We have martial arts classes specially designed to engage all age (and skill) levels!


We focus on developing the whole person, not just the technician, and not just in class. We want our students to wear their black belt ideals in their hearts, not just on their hips. We have the perfect blend of physical, mental, and emotional conditioning to set your child on the right path to success. Our specialized, one-of-a-kind programs are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and interests, such as our Kinder Karate™, Kali for Kids, and our Tae Kwon Dance programs.


Without self-control, there can be no self-esteem. Even after a short period of training, your child will see the benefits of martial arts starting to take shape, such as:

• self-control

• patience

• sharpened focus

• I CAN Attitude

• perseverance

And these will only intensify as they reach each stage of their training. Every belt at our school is earned, not given. Achieving in our controlled environment can lead to greater academic, work, and real life achievements.

WE WANT TO KNOW YOU – And We Want You to Know US

We are proud of our family atmosphere, “where everybody knows your name.” We believe in building connections that last beyond the mat. That's why we coordinate special events throughout the year, including:

• Holiday parties            • Buddy nights

• Summer picnics          • Parents' nights out

• Movie field trips         • And many more!


A happier, healthier and more confident child is just one decision away. Call us at 412-673-0576 / 844-KINDERS today to take a free trial class and see if Dynamic Martial Arts is the right fit for you or your child, or both!