What makes our Pittsburgh Martial Arts schools the very best in positive results?

Dynamic Martial Arts has been a family owned and operated school since 1996. Our “edge” comes from combining the experiences of being a husband and wife team, and from being parents ourselves.

Being a team, we have the benefits of opposing male and female viewpoints, and use this to make sure our school offers the best experience it can. Often, schools can become very short-sighted when run by a single individual, especially when they don't have a trusted partner to give them a true opinion of any situation.

Being parents, we were exposed to other sports and dance organizations, and were consistently disappointed in the lack of organization and communication in dealing with parents. We used this to strengthen our own systems, and make sure that our martial arts parents always feel in the loop.

Caring Discipline Means We Never Have to "Yell".

We believe in having disciplined classes, but with a caring attitude. We believe we can bring out the best in our students by modeling what we want, not yelling at them what we don't. We know that our students have to look forward to coming back every time, or we don't succeed.

This is Our Passion.

It's simple. We love what we do. We want you to love it, too! We give you 100% of our best, each and every class, and in turn, expect the same back. Our students are our best spokespeople. Their training and techniques speak for themselves, and continue to be the best advertisement for our second-to-none training.

Master Paul Czerniak

Master Paul Czerniak founded Dynamic Martial Arts in 1996. He is the organization's owner and chief instructor. He has been studying Tae Kwon Do since 1985 and is a Kukkiwon-certified fifth degree black belt. He also holds a position as a certified instructor for the Kali-4-Kids program.  He is the founder and creator of the Ninjability™ program and curriculum.

In addition to having over 30 years' experience in Tae Kwon Do, he has spent years studying Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Ninjitsu and Kali. Master Czerniak instructs at both Liberty and Pleasant Hills.

“My personal goal is to provide a positive training experience for my students on their journey to Black Belt. Like in real life, there are no shortcuts. Everything is earned through hard work, perseverance and dedication, otherwise, it would not have any value. At the same time, we can have fun and share a laugh or two. Along the way, we will become family."

Kara Czerniak

Kara Czerniak co-founded Dynamic Martial Arts with Paul in 1996. Currently, she holds a 3rd degree black belt and is a certified Kali-4-Kids instructor. She has been a competitor as well as a teacher, and is proud to have won medals alongside her students, making for a great team bonding experience.

She is the founder and creator of the Kinder Karate® program, which is currently becoming the industry standard for very young athletes.  She runs Kinder Karate® programs in Liberty, Pleasant Hills, Belle Vernon, Bethel Park, and oversees a new location in Pittsburgh's Southside.

"I love seeing our students grow and change, and discover the great potential that lies inside them. I am dedicated to making sure our school brings the best service to both students and parents; being a parent myself, I know the frustrations of not being 'in the loop.' I love that our school can serve as both a learning center and a social hub as well, making it a great place for families!"