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Kinder Karate™  Program - 4 locations & growing!
• Bethel Park  • Pleasant Hills 1 & 2   •  McKeesport/Elizabeth

We started Kinder Karate™ because we kept getting calls for younger and younger kids. No other martial arts schools were taking children at that age, and parents were being told that they “could not learn.” So after much research, we developed a program that is designed to address the developmental concerns of the 3-6 year age range.


PROBLEM: Poor Eye to Hand Coordination. They typically fall when kicking, drop things that are thrown to them, and bump into people and obstacles.

GOAL: Get them to punch without dropping their arms, kick and jump without falling, and catch objects thrown from various directions and distances.


PROBLEM: Limited Vocabulary. Typically, they lose focus when activities are over-complicated. They struggle with commands that have more than two instructions.

GOAL: Get them to follow verbal commands with no visual demonstration and to remember rules and commands without being reminded.


PROBLEM: Strong Preferences and Fears. Typically, they will act out when their emotions get out of control, by running away or shutting down when things don't go their way.

GOAL: Get them to follow directions and persevere through an activity even if they are initially emotional or scared.


PROBLEM: Self-centered view. Typically, due to their limited vocabulary, their common form of communication is mainly physical. We expect them to mock each other, such as falling when their classmate falls. We also expect them to crash into things when they are excited.

GOAL: Get them to build good social skills such not interrupting when others are talking and taking turns properly.

Kinder Karate is NOT designed to give your little ones a black belt. It IS designed to help them advance developmentally — while they are learning basic martial arts skills in a safe yet fun environment. Our classes will better prepare for when they join our regular classes, and even a structured school environment, such as preschool or pre-K.

We thank you for trusting us with your most precious, impressionable little treasures. We make a promise to you to give them only our best, and to instill only the best in them that will lead them to success.

1.  Bethel Park - our newest Kinder Karate™location, inside the Bethel Presbyterian Church on Bethel Church Rd.  Classes are on Thursdays.  Three and 4 year olds at 4 pm and 5 pm.  Five and 6 year olds at 5:30 pm.
2.  Pleasant Hills - inside the Masonic Lodge, on East Bruceton Rd.  Classes are on Wednesdays.  Three and 4 year olds at 5 pm.  Five and 6 year olds at 5:30 pm.
3.  Pleasant Hills - inside the Pleasant Hills Community Presbyterian Church, on Old Clairton Rd.  Tuesdays at 4 pm.
4.  Liberty Boro/McKeesport/Elizabeth - our original Kinder Karate™ location, at Dynamic Martial Arts, in Liberty Boro. Classes are on Fridays.  Combined classes at 4 pm.  Three and 4 year olds at 4:30 and 5:30, and 5 and 6 year olds at 6 pm.